Alpha-Stim Therapy

While traditional in-office counseling and therapy sessions can be extremely effective, there are some instances in which additional support might help make the treatment progress faster and with more efficacy. Alpha-Stim therapy is one of those supplemental options that might be right for some patients to tackle their mental health care needs more quickly.

Essentially, Alpha-Stim is a wearable device calms and relaxes the body by sending tiny electric currents through ear clips, increasing the frequency of the soothing Alpha waves in the brain. In new trials conducted by the NHS, 63% of patients saw an improvement in anxiety symptoms, while 77 of 161 participants achieved total remission. After all, an enormous part of the nervous system is controlled by internal electrical impulses. Due to this, the the Alpha-Stim is clinically proven to relieve anxiety, insomnia and depression using electro-medical technology. For most users, it comes with no side-effects.

At Courageous Counseling and Consulting, we’re able to combine our counseling and psychotherapy sessions with Alpha-Stim therapy to help alleviate many common issues. If you’ve been struggling with anxiety, depression or insomnia, talk to our team about combining the Alpha-Stim with your treatment options. We also offer teletherapy and intensive therapy programs for those looking to take their mental health care needs to the next level, or for those who cannot make it into our San Antonio location in person.

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