Red, Infrared & Near Infrared Light Therapy

Red, Infrared & Near-Infrared Light Therapy

Red, infrared, or near-infrared light therapy shines light wavelengths (620-750 nm) through the skin to elicit certain effects in the underlying tissue. It usually uses a whole panel of red light or an LED panel. Generally, treatment sessions tend to be short, lasting only seconds to minutes in duration, and are typically conducted every other day for weeks to months.

A review of multiple types of light therapy found red light treatment improved depressive symptoms and prevented relapse after sleep deprivation in patients with bipolar disorder. In another case study, red light therapy also decreased depression, anxiety, headache, and insomnia in users. Meanwhile, their cognitive function and quality of life improved

Perhaps most beneficially, unlike many other treatments used to address similar conditions, there are virtually no reported side effects to red, infrared, or near-infrared light treatment.

If you’re interested in the possible benefits of adding red light therapy to your mental health care plan, contact contact Courageous Counseling & Consulting. Our team will assess whether this treatment approach is right for you and your specific needs, and will work to implement a care plan built around you, your needs, your schedule and your budget. Our team is ready to help you get started, so reach out and request your free consultation session today!

san antonio red light therapy infrared light therapy mental health treatment
san antonio red light therapy infrared light therapy mental health treatment