Starting in 2024, Courageous Counseling & Consulting will offer Supervision!

We are excited to have not 1 but 2 LPC-S on staff that are ready to help your professional growth and help you to challenge yourself to be the best therapist you can be.

Before we go on you need to know this…
There are two groups of Supervisors that you’ll encounter:

  • Those that are primarily in it to give back and mentor
    the next generations’ professional aspirations, and…
  • Those that are in it for the money.

If your plans include finding the cheapest possible mentor (supervisor) that will let you skate by on minimums then you’ll need to stop right now and look elsewhere, because I belong firmly in that first group, as does anyone I might recommend to you.

We supervise to give back to the community and help prepare the next generation. We do NOT do it for the money. Nevertheless, we must charge for our services because good business practice demands it, and premium service and education commands a premium fee for services. Against that back-drop my fee for supervisory services is $100/hr, $400/month.

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Finding Supervisors To Interview

The bad news is that there is no public list of outstanding Supervisors to be had. The good news is that I am here to help you in ways that no one else in the Great State of Texas can. (See after you finish reading this page!)


Your immediate job is to find a Supervisor who “gets” you, and a JOB that fits you! You need a handful of top supervisor candidates that are accepting new associates, in your area, OR will know other top-tier supervisor candidates that are. That’s an almost impossible list to come by but in just a minute I’m going to give it to you as my gift to you and your future, whether you end up working with me or not. But first, I want you to really think about something…


Don’t Settle for the First Supervisor You Talk to!!

You spent 4 or more years getting your under-grad degree and likely incurred some school debt (kudos to you if you finished debt-free!). Then you spent a few more years and another small fortune (more debt?) obtaining your graduate degree(s), and you did it because you have a heart to help other people.


Do you really think this is a good time to look for a mentor that delivers
only minimums at the cheapest possible rates you can find?


My colleagues and I are here to tell you that your education has just begun.

Interview with several, recommended supervisor-candidates, pick the one that offers the best curriculum for your future, one that you can feel comfortable working with and pay them their fee. Now is not the time to pinch pennies; we’re talking about your career and your financial earning power for the rest of your life!

If I may be a bit blunt, these supervisors don’t need you and we’re not obligated to do what we do. We could easily make more money seeing clients in the hours we spend working with our associates. We choose to do this for the next generation because we want to and we sacrifice a lot of things and put ourselves at risk to do so.

You’re going to have to learn how to interview with these supervisors. If you think you can, “wing it”, and you’ll be ok, you’re wrong. This is far more important than an interview at McDonalds.


How To Interview With These Supervisor-Candidates

You need to understand that these are two-way interviews. You’re looking to see if they would make a good mentor for you on both professional and personal levels, and they’re looking for “the consummate student”. So let’s set up some expectations for both parties. For example, if we choose to work together, here is some of what you would learn with me:

The Counseling Landscape


Interview Your Supervisor Candidates With This Checklist

Don’t you think it might be a good idea to find out what your supervisor-mentor is planning to teach you during your time together rather than just, “hope it all works out”? Wouldn’t it be smarter to work from a check-list of specifics that you’re looking for in a “like-minded Supervisor”? I suggest that you hop on over to, subscribe, then download and use the list we’ve put together for you as your personal interview check-list when interviewing your Supervisor-Candidates.


On Being Interviewed

This relationship has to be good for the Supervisor, too. They’re looking for certain character traits that make a good student. Here are three things I look for and require in/from my interns:

Accountability-Able to make self-corrections along the way.

Ambition-Must be self-motivated & a go-getter.

Resourcefulness-Willing to learn about the real world of the counseling profession.

When being interviewed it is always best to present yourself as having already thoughtfully considered the important questions about your interests and your future. After all, you have had 6+ years to do that! Download the list of questions below, craft your responses to them and vocalize them out loud several times so they sound natural to your ear. Do NOT try and memorize them.

It should go without saying that you need to display good appointment etiquette; clean up and look professional, show up a few minutes early, bring something to write with and something to write on, display a good, firm handshake and always make good eye contact. Decline food and drink if offered.


What Separates You From the Other Associates?

Absolutely nothing, unless you know how to professionally tell your story to others. This is where you will begin to separate yourself from the rest of the pack. It’s called being vulnerable with your value so you can get a paying gig right away. Many associates struggle because they don’t have the vision or guidance to begin to tell their story of why they do what they do.

We are going to begin the process of crafting your story as it pertains to why you have chosen to be a counselor. People don’t care what you do, rather, they want to know what makes you tick… your story. Every upcoming counselor has a story and it’s time to share it with those employers and future clients of yours.